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Invitation: Application for BURSARY for Emerging Countries

Date: 12 February 2023 

Invitation: Application for BURSARY for Emerging Countries

WASLI 2023 Conference is proud to invite Sign Language Interpreters from emerging countries to submit an application for Bursary registration to attend the WASLI 2023 conference to be held in Jeju Island, South Korea from 4-9 July 2023. 

Kindly click here for the eligibility of emerging countries with GDP between $0-$10,000 (Country List D and E).

Please fill up the google form and submit your application by 5 March 2023.

Shortlisted applicants will be notified.


WASLI is looking for interpreters to work between International Sign and Spoken English at the 2023 Conference to be held in Jeju Island, South Korea from 4-9 July 2023. Accommodation, meals and allowance will be provided. Flights will be reimbursed. The conference will be an in-person event with interpretation happening on site. At this moment there are no plans yet to do the hybrid format. Please find more about the conference programme on

Please fill out our form ( and attach your résumé/CV (highlighting conference and platform experience) by 28 February 2023.

We welcome interpreters with both accredited and pre-accredited status from WFD-WASLI. Should you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach us by email at 

Shortlisted applicants will be notified.

Introduction of WASLI 2023 Conference Convenors

Hello all sign language interpreters, Lucy and I, Anthony present ourselves as the convenors of WASLI Conference 2023.

We want to see each of you at the conference in Jeju Island this year! Yes, time flies fast. Hope to see you in Jeju Island!

Sponsor 1 participant with a purchase of 3 conference tickets

How does it work?

A total of 3 paid registrations will qualify you to sponsor the 4th participant of your choice. The sponsorship is limited to a conference ticket including pre-conference workshops.  

You can also let us select one from participants of underdeveloped countries who seek sponsorship, if you wish.

The process:

Before the registration, please email us at with the names of three participants that will register and pay for the WASLI 2023 conference for qualification. 

After the payment, you may let us know the name of the sponsored participant - for us to accept his/her registration without payment. You may change the name of the sponsored participant anytime, provided you give us the latest update.

Terms and Conditions:
  • The offer is valid until 15th March 2023.
  • It will be on a first come first serve basis (limited seats).
  • Only for new registrations. 
  • All participants can have different WASLI membership status.
  • All participants can be from different countries.
  • All paid registrations must be done together. 
  • Can only use registration forms on the WASLI 2023 website, except the "country interpreter" form. 
  • The conference fee is based on the registration form you use. 
  • The sponsorship is limited to a conference ticket only.
  • The sponsorship does not include other costs, such as flight ticket, accommodation, meal and local transport. 
  • Requests for full refunds may not be guaranteed.  

Tip: You are allowed to use this opportunity for your own benefit, i.e. buy 3 free 1.

WASLI Conference 2023: Our Third Keynote

Collaboration between the Deafblind and Sign language Interpreter in Korea

About the keynote address

This keynote address will provide experiences and processes that support the Deafblind community through the collaboration of the Deafblind and sign language interpreters and introduction and development of Haptic signals in Korea. The presenters worked together for seven years to find Deafblind people who stayed at home and did not have services. The keynote will share the experiences of the Deafblind and sign language interpreters on the process.

The presentation will also emphasize the role of sign language interpreters in supporting others as leaders and instructors of the Deafblind community, various efforts to collaborate with the Deafblind, and cooperation with each organization. We emphasize that the education for sign language interpreters, the activities of the Deafblind, and the achievements for the challenge are the result of the collaboration between the Deafblind peoples and sign language interpreters, resulting in how to communicate effectively. We will highlight the status of sign language interpretation services in the Korean Deafblind community and how Korean society has changed in the past seven years in a situation where there was no support for the Deafblind. Finally, we will leave the audience with suggestions on the kind of support needed for Korean Deafblind people in the future.

Kounghee Koh
Sewoong Yun

Vice president of KASLI Korea Association of Sign language interpreters

Kounghee Koh is a Korean certified interpreter and researcher. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in Chong-shin University in Korea. Her interpreting practice spans over 25 years. She is the vice president of the Korea Association of Sign language interpreters (KASLI). She is also the leader of Christian sign language interpreter’s group ‘ SOLAFIDE’ and chief director of Sign Language Cooperative Federation.

Her research interest is in the area of Deafblind studies, haptic signals and self help groups of Deafblind. She has written several thesis related to Deafblind studies such as ‘Analysis of Danish Haptic Signals in “Haptic signals: 139 new and known signals”, ‘A Study on the Experience of the Deaf who Developed Visual Impairment’ and ‘A Qualitative Case Study on Self-help Group for the Deaf-Blind: Focusing on the Case of 'Sonkkeutse' Missionary Society’.

Kounghee loves golf and travelling. She often participates in golf with her Deaf friends, and plays the role as the interpreter on the golf field at times. She loves hosting monthly home parties that gather sign language users such as Deaf individuals and interpreters.

고경희는 한국의 국가 공인 통역사이자 연구원이다. 그녀는 총신대학교에서 박사과정을 공부하고 있으며 그녀의 수어 통역경력은 25년이 넘는다. 현재 KASLI한국수어통역사협회 부회장이며, 기독교 수어 통역사 그룹 ‘솔라피데’의 리더이고, 수어협동조합의 이사장이다.

그녀의 연구 관심 분야는 농맹인, 촉신호, 농맹인 자조 모임이다. 그녀는 농맹인과 관련된 여러 논문을 썼는데 바로 ‘덴마크 햅틱시그널 분석연구- 139 new and known signals', ' 농인의 맹 과정 경험에 관한 연구', 농맹인을 위한 촉신호 개발 실행연구’ '농맹인 자조 집단에 대한 질적 사례연구: '손끝세' 선교회를 중심으로' 등이 있다.

그녀는 골프와 여행을 좋아해서 농인들과 함께 골프장에 가곤 하는데 통역사로서뿐만 아니라 친구로서 동행한다. 그녀는 또한 홈파티를 좋아해서 수어 사용자, 농인, 통역사 등, 원하는 사람을 한 달에 한 번 집에 초대한다.

Leader of a self-help group for the Deafblind in Korea

Se-woong Yoon was born deaf. When he became Deafblind in his adult years, he left his job of 24 years. He is currently the Director of Education at the Deafblind group and a counselor at the Helen Keller Center for Deafblind. He is also the Deafblind instructor with the Korean Sign Language Interpreters Association (KASLI).

Se-woong has been involved in the research and development of Korean haptic signals for the Deafblind. His area of research include self-help groups for the Deafblind, haptic signals, and the Deafblind community. He currently leads a self-help group for the Deafblind every Thursday. He teaches Braille to Deafblind and gives lectures to Korean sign language interpreters so that they can take an interest in and support the Deafblind. Outside of his work, he loves bowling and traveling.

그는 청각장애인이었다가 성인이 되어 시각장애를 가지게 되어 농맹인이 되었으며 24년간 다닌 회사를 그만두었다. 그는 현재 손끝세 선교회에서 교육부장을 맡고 있으며 헬렌켈러센터의 동료상담가이다. 또한 그는 농맹인 KASLI한국수어통역사협회에 소속된 농맹인 강사이다.

그는 농맹인을 위한 한국형 햅틱시그널 연구 개발에 함께 하였으며 그의 연구 관심 분야는 농맹인, 촉신호, 농맹인 자조 모임이다. 그는 매주 목요일 농맹인 자조모임을 이끌며 한국의 농맹인들이 자립하며 살아갈 수 있도록 리더로서 지원하고 농맹인을 위해 점자를 가르친다. 농맹인 강사로서 한국의 수어통역사들이 농맹인에 관심을 가지고 지원할 수 있도록 강의하고 있다. 그는 볼링과 여행을 좋아한다.

Programme revealed!

It is our pleasure to announce that the WASLI 2023 conference programme has been released. 

Join us for this prestigious conference held in Jeju Island 4 - 9 July 2023. 

Please find out more about the programme. We hope to see you there ! 

Book a room at special rates @ Haevichi Hotel & Resort

Book a room at special rates @ Haevichi Hotel & Resort. More details about the hotel and conference location: Please email us for promo code. #WASLI2023 #wasli #interpreter